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Dominion Healthcare Realty, LLC ("DHCR") was created as an out growth of Dominion Advisory Group, Inc. (aka DAG). DAG was founded in 1992 and is headquartered in San Antonio, Texas. DHCR is headed by DAG Founder and President, Larry R. Baumgardner, CCIM. Mr. Baumgardner is a 37-year veteran of the real estate industry including stints in the savings and loan industry as a business economist, former Real Estate Administrator of Worldwide Facilities at a $120 billion insurance and financial services company, and as a principal in his own commercial real estate brokerage and development firm. Throughout its 18-year history, DAG has successfully acquired, leased, managed and developed office, healthcare, retail, mini-storage and corporate facility properties. DHCR emerged out of a client-driven demand for build-to-suits of medical office buildings by hospitals, clinics and other medical groups where special DAG hospital and care-provider relationships had been built over the prior years. The principals of DHCR have been instrumental in the purchase, development and masterplans for healthcare properties valued at $250+ million and have launched a strategic business relationship with Methodist Healthcare Systems – San Antonio, Texas (MHS), San Antonio’s largest healthcare system.

Our Approach to Business

Dominion Healthcare Realty, LLC operates under a very straightforward set of core values and operating principles when delivering service to third party clients and the Baumgardner family, as well as when working with allied vendors and professionals in the community.  A summary of those core values includes the following principles:

First, Dominion strives to honor the basic tenements of ethical and honest professional practices.

Second, Dominion is a company that operates through the eyes of “a servant’s mindset” in honoring its duties and responsibilities to those it serves.

Third, when Dominion assists individual clientele and family-owned trusts and limited partnerships, it is extremely cognizant of the faithfulness required to appropriately manage generational investments where children and grandchildren are depending upon the successful strategies and outcomes that will provide a lasting outcome in sustaining cash flows and building wealth.



Larry 2.webp

Larry Baumgardner, CCIM


210-308-6288 Ext. 103

Carole 2_edited.webp

Carole Baumgardner

Executive Vice President

210-308-6288 Ext. 101


Mckynna Massey

Vice President of Operations

210-308-6288 Ext. 135


Rashid Khalife

Senior Leasing Consultant

210-308-6288 Ext. 174


Jack Monreal, Jr.

Leasing Consultant

210-308-6288 Ext. 104

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